Saturday, August 20, 2011

Ethan, Lisa and Me

Just a couple of old pics that I came across that I love...

Lisa and I are waiting ever so patiently for the Lady Antebellum/Tim McGraw concert in Boise.

Goofy ol' Ethan.

New Toy

Everett surprised me with a new Canon 60D camera which I have been playing around with some. Here are a few of the photos I've been experimenting with:

Friday, August 12, 2011

Just Keep Swimming...

This my favorite quote from Finding Nemo when I think of enduring things in life. I am trying to employ this quote in my life right now. The end of summer is in sight and there are 17 days left until school starts. We will make it! Also, I am now up to 1.8 miles running non-stop (two loops around McCowin Park in Ammon) and am going to attempt to make it 2.7 miles this weekend. The St. Luke's 5K is September 24th in Boise and I just might be able to run the whole thing if I just keep swimming, just keep swimming...