Thursday, March 12, 2009

Watch Out...Here It Comes

Okay, I apologize ahead of this posting because I need to vent a bit. 

I, in good faith, subscribed to a publication that claims to support working mothers with their juggle and work/life balancing acts, etc.  I need support and ideas and suggestions and all the help I can get!  But, I must admit that I am thoroughly disappointed.   It seems, from reading the articles in issue after issue of this magazine, that the majority of working mothers have a) a nanny at home watching the kids, caring for the house; or b) a husband who works from home or stays at home while his wife has a high-powered career that rakes in the dough for both of them.  Is this the norm?  It can't be the majority of real life scenarios, could it?  How about some articles on how to manage the schlepping of kids from school to daycare to scouts to home on your lunch hour while taking calls on your cell phone from you boss who needs documents brought down to the courthouse and flights rebooked and calls/emails returned all the while trying to inventory your freezer at home to determine what can be thawed, cooked and eaten before the home teachers come at 6:30? I think I need a vacation.