Tuesday, April 29, 2008

A new venture...

I've heard it said that thoughts become more concrete when they are written and lately, mainly due to the normal chaos that is motherhood/wifehood/working woman/life in general, my thoughts have been jumbled and abstract - thus, I am experimenting with the 21st century's version of journaling. Plus, I have scrapbook issues. I know it is a huge trend (and many people that I know but won't name any names would be appalled with my aversion to it) but it's so time consuming and expensive! So, here is my family's take on life!

These are my kids - Ethan, Kirsche and Braelyn. It still amazes me how unique each of their personalities are. Ethan is a typical oldest sibling, eager to help and to play parent pro tem at every opportunity. Kirsche (pronounced "Keersha") is highly dramatic and goes from Zero to Sixty on the mood scale in about 2.4 seconds. She is also very much the Princess in our home. Braelyn is the snuggly, smoochy, giggly child and is my only blue-eyed baby.