Sunday, January 9, 2011

One Year Older...

Yes, I reached 36 years of age this week. I feel like I was celebrating my 35th birthday just a short while ago. This year has flown by! I've been reflecting on myself lately and thought that I would share some of me with you. I am borrowing the list idea from here .

Making : myself feel guilty because I feel spread a little too thin all the time.
Cooking : chocolate chip cookies for the kids' lunches this week
Drinking : what else, Diet Coke
Reading: right now I'm floating between "The Help", "6 Rainier Drive" by Debbie Macomber on my Nook and Real Simple magazine.
Wanting: a kitchen remodel so bad I can taste it.
Looking: at the basket of laundry that didn't get folded this weekend
Playing: Michael Buble
Wasting: money on two gym memberships because I always forget to cancel the one I don't want until the office is closed
Sewing: myself the next quilt. I usually give away my quilt projects but the next one is for me - lime green, black and white
Wishing: I could smell the ocean right now. I love that smell and it's been 6 years since I last smelled it.
Enjoying: watching my husband and kids dance to Katy Perry on the Wii Just Dance
Waiting: for Baby Ava, my niece, to be born any day now.
Liking: the fact that my kids are growing up so close to their grandparents. I didn't get that opportunity until I was much older.
Wondering: whether to grow my hair out some.
Loving: my calling as YW second counsellor. I absolutely love it and the ladies I work with.
Hoping: that someday we can get all the remodeling done in the house.
Marvelling: that I am 36 years old, have been married for 15 years, my oldest will be 12 and getting the priesthood this year and my youngest is going into kindergarten soon.
Needing: an hour to myself
Smelling: chocolate chip cookies just out of the oven.
Wearing: jeans and a polo shirt - standard weekend attire.
Following: season 12 of Biggest Loser. Cheering for the father/daughter team from Idaho.
Noticing: how my family seems to be migrating to Boise one by one and how much I miss them.
Knowing: that someday I will sew something that does not require use of a seam ripper to pick out and redo stitches.
Thinking: about how I am not ready to start the work week tomorrow. There are too many things still left for me to do.
Bookmarking: so many fun, creative blogs with quilting, embroidery and crafty ideas.
Opening: the special issue of the Ensign that focuses on Christ that was given as a handout in Young Women today.
Giggling: about the Halloween pictures I finally downloaded from my camera.
Feeling: grateful, blessed, loved, amazed and humbled.