Sunday, May 10, 2009

Mom Mama Mommy Mother

I had a great Mother's Day with gifts, hugs and kisses from the three best kids and husband ever, but my thoughts this weekend have been on my own mother, Paula, and the things that I have learned from her. I don't know why, but as I grow older, I see more and more wisdom in the things she taught me, maybe not with words, but definately by example.
To be concise, I have listed the things that stand out to me most about my mom:
1. She's not terribly outspoken, but when she speaks her mind it's eloquent, logical and pure testimony.
2. When she did speak up against something or someone, it always turned out to be right.
3. She is the hardest worker I can think of - in the home or out.
4. Rare is the occasion that I can remember Mom uttering a complaint.
5. Stoic comes to mind when I think of Mom. Not that she has had a great deal of trials and adversity in her life to make her stoic, but she has weathered unpleasant situations with dignity that I would have moaned and groaned my way through.
6. She may just be starting to realize it, but her love of sewing is starting to awaken in me. I hunger for her talent to create beautiful things while sitting at the sewing table.
Mom, I love you and your great example in life! I hope your day was great!