Thursday, September 22, 2011

One Year Later...

It was one year ago yesterday that we lost sweet Jessica. It is still pretty tender and extremely bittersweet in the fact that while we no longer have her here on this earth with us, part of her lives on with others who, I am sure, are so grateful to her gifts through organ donation. I am so thankful for the plan of salvation and the life, example and atonement of Jesus Christ that makes it possible to be with our family members again once this mortal phase of life is complete.

Sunday, September 11, 2011

Ten Years...

As the world remembers 9/11 today, I thought I would reflect back on my memories of that day, too. Everett and I were up early that morning getting ready to be to work by 8 a.m. Ethan was not quite 2 years old yet. I turned on the news, like I do every single morning, and saw the images of the first tower with smoke billowing out of it. At this point, the news commentators were still speculating as to what had actually happened. Witnesses saw a plane, but it wasn't really clear at this point if it had crashed into the World Trade Center tower on accident or what. Everett and I watched as we got ready that morning and saw as the second tower was struck by another plane. Wow! At that point, it couldn't be coincidence that both towers were hit by planes. What was happening? As we sat there that morning, watching people make their way down the Manhattan streets, even some jumping from the burning buildings knowing full well that they were too high up to survive, we could hardly find words to describe the stunned feelings we were experiencing. I remember stepping out of the bathroom after drying my hair to check on the status of the news and watched as the first tower began to crumble. "There it goes, there it goes, there it goes!" was all that I remember saying. All through the day I kept close to the news. Joann, the receptionist at the office, kept her radio on all day and the entire mood of the day took on a somber, melancholy feel. I felt bad because my friend, Paula's birthday is September 11th and it should have been a joyous day and here we all were, scared and sad and sick about what was happening 3,000 miles away. News began to come in about the Pentagon and yet another plane that had gone down in a field in Pennsylvania, I believe. Would they attack us out west? Which target was next on their list? That day is still vivid to me. It is tender and evokes many emotions, both sad ones and also ones of great pride and patriotism in our country and its men and women who are willing to defend our freedoms and those around the world, the brave firemen, the brave individuals on the fourth plane that wouldn't allow it to be used as a weapon and died fighting the hijackers on that Pennsylvania field. I don't think we will ever fully understand what happened or why that day ten years ago, but it has fundamentally changed this country. Will we, as a country, be able to forget what happened on our home soil? Never. Will we be able to move on and overcome? Definately, although we may do so through great tribulation. After all, that is the spirit with which this country was first founded.

Saturday, August 20, 2011

Ethan, Lisa and Me

Just a couple of old pics that I came across that I love...

Lisa and I are waiting ever so patiently for the Lady Antebellum/Tim McGraw concert in Boise.

Goofy ol' Ethan.

New Toy

Everett surprised me with a new Canon 60D camera which I have been playing around with some. Here are a few of the photos I've been experimenting with:

Friday, August 12, 2011

Just Keep Swimming...

This my favorite quote from Finding Nemo when I think of enduring things in life. I am trying to employ this quote in my life right now. The end of summer is in sight and there are 17 days left until school starts. We will make it! Also, I am now up to 1.8 miles running non-stop (two loops around McCowin Park in Ammon) and am going to attempt to make it 2.7 miles this weekend. The St. Luke's 5K is September 24th in Boise and I just might be able to run the whole thing if I just keep swimming, just keep swimming...

Tuesday, July 26, 2011

The First Step is the Hardest (sigh)

Okay, I must preface this post by stating the obvious. I am not, nor have I ever been, a runner. I don't enjoy it and don't do it gracefully. My face flushes at the slightest physical exertion and sweat begins rolling. Not pretty.

BUT...running just may offer the best "bang for the buck" that I need when it comes to exercise. Doc Hodges wants me to do an hour of "vigorous" exercise a day. One. Hour. A. Day?! That will kill me in my present state, so I am attempting to get moving more by running a little at a time and gradually building up my endurance. I've done two days of running now. The first day I ran 1/2 mile without stopping and walked 1/2 mile. I must say I was proud of myself because I didn't think I could make it a full lap before having to walk. Last night I ran a lap, then walked 1/2 lap on and off so that I ran a total of 1 mile and walked 1/2 mile before I was done in. In my defense, it was rather hot and humid last night. I may need to switch to early morning runs.

My friend, Marcy is getting started, too. Hopefully we can inspire and motivate each other into fitness. Heaven knows, I really need it!

Wednesday, May 11, 2011

New Blog

I have decided to branch off my blogging into a second blog devoted mainly to crafts, cooking and other creative outlets. I cannot promise that life and its little faces won't make an appearance now and again. Stop by Blue Rosie's Corner and see what's happening:

*Edit* For those who may not know Braelyn very well, Blue Rosie is my daughter's imaginary dalmation pet, thus the photo.

Sunday, January 9, 2011

One Year Older...

Yes, I reached 36 years of age this week. I feel like I was celebrating my 35th birthday just a short while ago. This year has flown by! I've been reflecting on myself lately and thought that I would share some of me with you. I am borrowing the list idea from here .

Making : myself feel guilty because I feel spread a little too thin all the time.
Cooking : chocolate chip cookies for the kids' lunches this week
Drinking : what else, Diet Coke
Reading: right now I'm floating between "The Help", "6 Rainier Drive" by Debbie Macomber on my Nook and Real Simple magazine.
Wanting: a kitchen remodel so bad I can taste it.
Looking: at the basket of laundry that didn't get folded this weekend
Playing: Michael Buble
Wasting: money on two gym memberships because I always forget to cancel the one I don't want until the office is closed
Sewing: myself the next quilt. I usually give away my quilt projects but the next one is for me - lime green, black and white
Wishing: I could smell the ocean right now. I love that smell and it's been 6 years since I last smelled it.
Enjoying: watching my husband and kids dance to Katy Perry on the Wii Just Dance
Waiting: for Baby Ava, my niece, to be born any day now.
Liking: the fact that my kids are growing up so close to their grandparents. I didn't get that opportunity until I was much older.
Wondering: whether to grow my hair out some.
Loving: my calling as YW second counsellor. I absolutely love it and the ladies I work with.
Hoping: that someday we can get all the remodeling done in the house.
Marvelling: that I am 36 years old, have been married for 15 years, my oldest will be 12 and getting the priesthood this year and my youngest is going into kindergarten soon.
Needing: an hour to myself
Smelling: chocolate chip cookies just out of the oven.
Wearing: jeans and a polo shirt - standard weekend attire.
Following: season 12 of Biggest Loser. Cheering for the father/daughter team from Idaho.
Noticing: how my family seems to be migrating to Boise one by one and how much I miss them.
Knowing: that someday I will sew something that does not require use of a seam ripper to pick out and redo stitches.
Thinking: about how I am not ready to start the work week tomorrow. There are too many things still left for me to do.
Bookmarking: so many fun, creative blogs with quilting, embroidery and crafty ideas.
Opening: the special issue of the Ensign that focuses on Christ that was given as a handout in Young Women today.
Giggling: about the Halloween pictures I finally downloaded from my camera.
Feeling: grateful, blessed, loved, amazed and humbled.