Tuesday, January 13, 2009


Yikes, I thought I might escape from this, but I've been tagged.  I am supposed to list my three favorite indulgences and then tag other individuals.  For those of you tagged, after listing your items, please list the instructions and feel free to tag others!
3. (I'll count backwards for more effect) Lately it's been such an indulgence to get out of the house by myself and browse through Porter's Crafts' quilting fabric.  I love the patterns/prints people put together and daydream that maybe one day I can put together a beautiful quilt pattern of my own design.
2. Having all of my family, i.e. parents, sisters, brother, nephews, kids, brothers-in-law, all together for family dinners.  It is so gratifying to have everyone in one place enjoying good food, good company and realizing after all these years that we really do like one another, despite what my mom and dad probably thought while we were growing up!
1. Harry & David's chocolate covered Bing cherries!  Nothing more to say there. (If you ever need to bribe me....)
Heather, Michelle, Lisa, Sky, Julie, YOU'VE BEEN TAGGED!