Sunday, April 12, 2009

What I've Been Up To...

Gosh, has it really been over a month since I last posted? Well, I have a lot to update on what's been going on lately. Yes, these adorable little boxes are my kids teacher gift from Valentine's Day (I know, that was two months ago!) I had so much fun making and filling these little cuties with treats.

This is my first quilt - actually it's my first quilted quilt, as opposed to a tied quilt. It was so much fun that I have been gathering cute material from my new favorite fabric store in anticipation of quilting some more. I do have some in the works, but it's slow going with kids, work and life moving at the speed of light.

I have also started putting scrap fabric to good use. I made a girl's burp cloth and soft square with some ribbon taggies for a friend of my mom's. The little boy's set on the right doesn't have a home - yet. I know lots of women who are expecting this fall!

Sorry, this pic is a little out of focus. I made Braelyn and Kirsche each a quick little springtime dress out of pre-smocked fabric (amazing invention!). Braelyn's has pink and purple ladybugs on it and Kirsche's is black with red cherries. For some reason I can't catch Kirsche with her dress on to snap a fast picture.

Organizing has also been near the top of my list. My ribbons went from this above . . .

to this. I inserted two 5/16 inch dowels into a wooden base and presto, a ribbon spool holder that is so much more economical than the fancy ones at the craft store for purchase.

This is the wedding gift that I will be putting in the mail tomorrow for my friend, Jen, who just got married. Post is their last name and the letters come from my sisters, Tara and Becky, business, Love Letters Photography. I think it looks amazing! I hope Jen and Ashley do, too. (Sorry, Jen, if you see this before it arrives!)